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Sign up to the lottery draw.

The easy way to win a small fortune!

Welcome to SuperDraw!

Join Dr Dosh and Nurse Lucky in our staff lottery and you could be quids in!

SuperDraw is the lottery for Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust employees, giving all participants the chance to scoop some loot every month.

Participation is limited to one entry per person at a cost of £5 a month.

Once you have registered, £5 will be deducted from your salary each month, unless you have opted out of the scheme. You are free to opt out and opt back in again at a later date. Every employee has a unique lottery number allocated to them, and you will keep the same number regardless of how any times you opt in or out.

The winning numbers are drawn at random by an independent, external third party (verification is in place to guarantee the fairness of the draw and verification for annual super draw). The lucky winners will be notified via their NHS Mail email or via an alternative email address which you can provide on registration if you wish.

The prize structure will vary each month according to how many participants there are. This information will be published on this website before the SuperDraw cut-off date for entry each month. The total forecast for the Summer and December SuperDraw lottery draws is the total prize fund accrued each year; this prize fund will be divided between these two draws by the Trust’s Lottery Committee.

of Entrants
First prize1,0001,2501,5002,0002,0003,0004,0005,0005,5005,500
Runner up 1250250250250250250250250250250
Runner up 20250250250250250250250250250
Runner up 300250250250250250250250250
Runner up 4000250250250250250250250
Runner up 5000250250250250250250250
Runner up 60000250250250250250250
Runner up 70000000250250250
Runner up 80000000250250250
Total minimum forecast for Summer and December SuperDraw Prize Fund5,4006,3007,8008,55010,80016,80022,80022,80024,30025,000

There are 2798 people signed up, we need another 202 people to join to win bigger amounts

The Trust has launched SuperDraw to promote staff benefits programmes - proceeds will be used to improve the working lives of staff through a range of measures which will see any funds generated through the lottery reinvested back into staffing initiatives, including:

  • Lottery prizes
  • Improvements to staff facilities
  • Supporting staff awards ceremonies and other celebration events
  • Establishing staff benefits with outside organisations
  • Publicising staff benefits to improve take-up rates

The staff benefits fund generated by the lottery will be used in accordance with the Gambling Act requirements, so proceeds can be used for charitable purposes, enabling participation in, or of supporting, sport, athletics or cultural activity or for other non-commercial purpose other than private gain.

The Trust's Lottery Committee will agree how the fund should be used. This committee has staff representation on it at all times.

SuperDraw participants who meet certain criteria will also be eligible for an Annual SuperDraw, which won't require an additional ticket for entry. For further information about how the lottery operates, please read the SuperDraw constitution.

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